Monkey growth

Monkey Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Monkey Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

In the dense forest, there is a small monkey family living in a happy and happy life.

The little monkey grew up slowly. The mother of the monkey thought: “I am aging all day long. I can’t take care of the little monkey forever. From now on, how should I enhance its viability?” Monkey mother pondered.Monkey fake tattoo Stickers

The next day, the monkey mother called the little monkey to her side and said, “Children, you have grown up, you should live independently, you can no longer be sheltered by others. Today, you have to go deep into the forest to collect food and exercise. “The little monkey said joyfully: “I know, I have grown up, I should have learned to take care of myself.” After that, the little monkey took up his backpack and jumped to the depths of the big forest.

The little monkey walked in the depths of the big forest for a long time. There are beautiful scenery and lovely birds. Suddenly the little monkey saw a banana tree full of fragrant bananas. It wanted to climb up and pick it up. “Wait a minute. I am still a safe point for the roots, so I am not afraid to fall down.”Monkey temporary tattoos

After the preparation, the little monkey climbed to the tree and successfully picked up the yellow banana. The monkey thought: “Fortunately, my mother usually asks me to do everything carefully. It is really dangerous to see what hidden dangers are. My mother’s words are really correct! Today’s harvest is not small, so that my mother can have a good meal. Let me take care of my mother later!”

The little monkey happily picked up the banana and embarked on the way home…

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Barracuda catching mice

Mouse Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals

Mouse Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals

Once upon a time, a chubby pike was lived in a lush pond, and its friend, the little cat, lived by the pond. The relationship between them can be intimate!

On this day, the pike is full and nothing to do. It pulled the water grass and shook the float, feeling that the days were too boring.Mouse wall decals

The little cat who lived next to the pond just ate some rat meat and went to the pond to drink water. The pike slouched to say to it: “Hey, cat brother, rat meat is not good?”

The little cat smiled and said, “Of course it is delicious!”

The pike cleared the scorpion and said seriously: “You don’t mean that the rat meat is delicious, then I will go to the granary with you tonight, let me catch a few mice to taste!”

When the little cat heard it, he was happy. He said, “Don’t be kidding, can you leave the water to catch the mouse? Don’t join in the fun!”Mouse wall stickers

The pike must go, soft and hard, and the little cat has to promise it.

In the evening, the little cat and the pike entered the granary, the barracuda found a place to hide, and the little cat first went to catch the mouse.

This night, the little cat got a big harvest. Several mice that had stolen food were swallowed by it, but it didn’t see the fish. It hurried to find. When it found the pike, it couldn’t help but be shocked! The poor friend didn’t do it quickly, he was so hungry, and even worse, his friend’s tail was also taken away by the mouse. The pike fish shed tears and couldn’t speak, looking at the little cat pitifully.

The little cat quickly rushed his friend back to the pond. I saw that the pike had turned a lot of white eyes in the water, and it took a little while to recover a little strength, and the breathing was smoother. The little cat said to the pike: “Is it late for this time? To learn the lesson, don’t be reluctant! The fish wants to catch the mouse and will only lose their lives.”

The pike fell into the tears of remorse.

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Cat who wants to become a tiger

Cat Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Cat Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

There is a cat who always wants to become a tiger because there are many cats who bully it. It believes that as long as it becomes the king of beasts, no cat can bully it.Cat fake tattoo Stickers

It thinks: It is not easy to become a tiger. Just draw a tiger’s pattern on yourself and it’s not good. So, it was made into a human, wearing a white coat, wearing a mask, and then wearing black shoes, went to the streets. It went to the human paint shop first, and the boss didn’t pay attention. He quickly sneaked a bucket of paint and ran out. The boss turned around and saw a “person” stealing paint. He called the staff to catch the “person”. The cat turned back. Look, see some people are chasing it! Scared to hurry into the trash can, making the whole body stinky, this has escaped people’s claws. The cat was so hard to steal paint from humans. Next, he had to paint all the paint and become the king of the beasts. The kitten carefully applied the paint to his body. At this time, suddenly a wolf came, the kitten looked at the situation is wrong, I want to escape, suddenly thought: now I am a tiger, still afraid of a little wolf? It went to the wolf, wolf see It wants to escape. The wolf said: “I am going to give you a pot of water.” The wolf called the water, let the cat wash and wash, the cat is feeling too hot, once washed, it shows the face of the original cat, the cat knows that it has been worn Then, I quickly ran away.

The cat thinks that there is still a way to use it. Go to the place where the hunter is hunting to see if there is a tiger skin. When the hunter sees it, he wants to use a gun. When the kitten sees it, he flees.Cat temporary tattoos

The kitten thinks: It seems that it is still a happy cat, catching fish and catching mice every day, or a good helper for humans! From then on, the kitten no longer wants to be a tiger.

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Proud bunny

Rabbit Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Rabbit Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

There is a proud bunny in the forest, saying that he can do anything. Ducklings, puppies and kittens don’t believe it, they are required to compete with the bunny. The little rabbit listened, thinking indifferently: you are waiting for it!Rabbit fake tattoo Stickers

The first game started, and the duckling said, “I want to swim with you.” Then they came to the pool. The game started, the bunny “fluttered” and jumped into the water, and the water drowned into the rabbit’s neck. It was terrified, and when he shouted “Help”, he struggled desperately. Now, the rabbit thought: I will not drown in the water. The more he thought, the more he was afraid, the more he waved his hand, and he finally climbed ashore. I saw the duckling jumped into the water and swayed into the water. The rabbit is dumbfounded. In the first game, the bunny lost.

The second game started again. The dog and the kitten said to the bunny: “We are going to race with you.” They came to the venue, the duckling was the referee, and it said: “The game begins!” Blowing the whistle, small The rabbit, the puppy and the kitten flew like a string of arrows. The rabbit thought: I will win this time! So, the rabbit tries to run forward. Suddenly, it saw a bunch of radishes next to it, and the sputum of the sputum had to flow out. The bunny just wanted to stop and thought: Can’t lose! Didn’t I have said it to myself? Can’t lose! Run fast stand up. It ran and ran, it finally surpassed the kittens and puppies, ran to the end and won the game.Rabbit temporary tattoos

After the game, the rabbit thought: “The original swimming is my shortcoming. I am not perfect. I must be modest in the future, not arrogant!” Since then, the rabbit has changed the pride of the bad. Habit, turned into a cute rabbit!

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Little Red Riding Hood

Horse Logo Iron On Transfer

Horse Logo Iron On Transfer

One day, Little Red Riding Hood found a new store on the street. The trademark on the door was a bitten apple. When she was about to go in, she was brought back home by her mother: “Little Red Riding Hood, mother has to rush to go to work, my grandmother is ill, you will send the wine and cake to Grandma. Hey, give you one hundred yuan, solve it for lunch. !”Horse iron ons

Little Red Riding Hood licked the money and went out. Walking, she came to the newly opened store: “I am so hungry, this big red apple was bitten… Is it a restaurant?!” Little Red Riding Hood walked in with excitement.

When I saw it inside, there were a lot of square things in the shop window, some big and some small. The owner greeted: “Little Red Riding Hood, you are the first customer to visit our store. The most expensive one is only 0.05 thousand yuan, which is 50 yuan! Don’t be white!” Little Red Riding Hood did not hesitate to buy it. The most expensive, after paying all the “fees”, she only had 20 yuan to eat lunch.

At this time, the wolf passed the street and thought it was a restaurant. Then he walked in and found that there was a little girl with fine skin and tender meat. Look carefully, hey, it turned out to be Little Red Riding Hood!

The wolf thought: “Hey, Little Red Riding Hood definitely doesn’t recognize me. She still has wine and cake in her hand. It’s really ‘three arrows and three carvings!’

Who knows, Little Red Riding Hood connected to the mobile phone network, saw the mobile phone broke, jumped out of a big gray wolf’s head, touched the screen and clicked to view: the article wrote about the bad things that the wolf did, and also reminded everyone: “If you want Continue to swear, please log on to the “Wolf Website” to report, we will send plain clothes (hunters) to protect you at any time!”Horse iron on transfers

Seeing this, Little Red Riding Hood heard someone say hello to her, then turned and went to see, she was frightened, it turned out that this person is a wolf!

However, Little Red Riding Hood quickly calmed down and wondered: I had to take him first and then help the “wolf site.” She pretended to be nothing, saying, “Hello, uncle, where are you going? I am going to visit my grandmother in the woods. She is sick today. Are we on the way?”

The wolf’s eyes dripped straight and turned: Ha, another grandma, this upgraded to “one arrow and four carvings”!

So, the wolf was too busy to say: “Oh, drop the way. How do you only bring wine and cake to visit Grandma! There is a small forest in front, where the flowers are blooming, are you going to pick some grandma?”

When the wolf finished, he took a shortcut and first swallowed the grandmother on the bed. Then he hid in bed and waited for the “very delicious” Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood saw the wolf go far away and immediately reported to the wolf website. The two hunters arrived within three minutes. She explained the situation to the two hunters, and under the secret protection of the hunter, opened the door of the grandmother’s house.

The hunters immediately took the gun and fired a “cough cough” on the wolf. After a while, the wolf kept coughing hard and coughed up the grandmother, and the grandmother was saved.

Afterwards, when everyone saw Little Red Riding Hood, they boasted that she was a “wolf hero.” Little Red Riding Hood always said modestly: “Not me, not me, it is a mobile phone!”

Since then, the mobile phone has entered thousands of households.

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I am blushing

Butterfly Logo Iron On Transfer

Butterfly Logo Iron On Transfer

On a quiet night, the stars are squinting, and the bright moon shines on the earth. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” A burst of song broke the silence. It turned out that Yan Hezhen was playing a concert again. A caterpillar likes to listen to songs very much, and finds the song and creeps up quietly.Butterfly tshirt transfers

Hey and sing very nice. Caterpillars are very fascinated. But when he saw it, he said to him, “You look so ugly, don’t listen to the song! Get out!” Caterpillar said wrongly: “Let me listen for a while!” He said loudly: “No second. Roll!” The caterpillar’s tears flowed like a soybean. The caterpillar climbed and climbed, climbed into a grass, alone, a caterpillar with tears, listening to the songs from afar, weaving a small donkey, slowly falling asleep.

After a few days, Yan Hezhen was playing a concert again. The caterpillar woke up and heard the beautiful singing voice, and quickly smashed the shackles, gracefully spread the wings and flew up. The caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly, flew in the air, flew to the sky above the concert, danced with the song, it fanned the beautiful wings, suddenly ups and downs, suddenly, and listened to the concert. The audience screamed and clap their hands. The concert is over, enviously said: “The dance you dance is better than the song you sang!” Butterfly said modestly: “I am the caterpillar that was driven away by you.” He said: “I I don’t believe it.” He asked the beggar beside him. He said: “Yes, that beautiful butterfly is the ugly caterpillar.” After listening to it, he immediately blushed.Butterfly iron on transfers

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Small hedgehog selling candied haw

Hedgehog Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Hedgehog Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

The little hedgehog’s mother was seriously ill, and there was no money at home. The little hedgehog had to take a basket of hawthorn from his hawthorn tree, wrapped in sugar, and sold to the market.Hedgehog fake tattoos

When I arrived at the market, the little hedgehog yelled: “The sour and sweet candied fruit gourd, ten yuan a dollar!” The little hedgehog shouted the scorpion, and the mouth was soaking, that is, no one came to buy it. Suddenly, an old fox jumped out of the bush and saw the chubby hedgehog, drooling, and said, “Little brother, what are you doing here?” The little thorns panicked, but it calmed down at once. Said: “My mother is ill, I have no money, I have to sell sugar gourd, but I can’t sell it, what should I do?” The fox thought about it, and his eyes turned to the heart and said to the little hedgehog: “The reason I can’t sell it because you didn’t sell it in a string.” The little hedgehog said, “I don’t have a bamboo stick!” said the fox. “Isn’t the thorn on your body a bamboo stick?” The fox helped the hedgehog regardless of the three seven twenty-one. Pull up the thorns. Soon the thorns on the hedgehog were pulled out. I didn’t expect that the candied haws were just bunched up, and the small hedgehog was wrapped up in three layers and three layers, but after a while, his candied haws were robbed.Hedgehog temporary tattoos

The fox suddenly showed his face and swooped toward the little hedgehog. Fortunately, a hound appeared in this critical moment. It snorted at the fox and the fox was scared away and the hedgehog was saved. It said to the hound dog: “Thank you! I will never listen to the fox’s words again!”

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Pig asking for directions

Pig Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals N1770

Pig Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals N1770

One day, the weather is fine, and the piglet goes to help her mother buy food. However, just after walking to the crossroads, the piglet lost his way, and the piglet was anxious to scratch his head. It thought: What can I do?Pig wall murals

At this time, Xiong Bobo came to the pig. The pig thinks: Bear uncle must know how the store is going. So, it shouted: “Hey, how come to the store? Do you know?” Xiong Bobo saw the pig so rude, asked the pig angrily: “Little pig, you are so rude, lack of tutoring Let’s go.” Xiong Bobo did not go back. The pig listened and slammed his feet angrily.

The tortoise grandfather slowly climbed up, and the piglet was surprised to think: the tortoise grandfather’s family lived here, and he must know the nearby shops. So, the pig said: “The old turtle, how do you go to the store?” The tortoise grandfather glanced at it, ignored the piglet, and walked angrily.Pig wall decals

The piglet scratched his head and thought: Why did the bear uncle and the old turtle ignore me? It suddenly thought of a sentence that Xiong Bobo taught him. He said to himself: “It turned out that I was rude.”

The little turtle regretted it. Since then, it has changed bad habits and become a good boy who is polite.

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Cute bunny jumping

Duck Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Duck Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

There is a cute non-rabbit named Rusna, who likes to jump in the small bed and wrap it around.

At first, Rusna wanted to jump on the luxurious big bed, but Rusna saved you! You didn’t have a kindergarten sister to pay attention! So, the short cot became its goal.Duck fake tattoo Stickers

However, Rusna would not be a banyan tree like a cat. She wanted to climb up several times, but she didn’t climb up, and even she was over!

Once, Rusna was really successful. It finally jumped on the short cot, licking the foam board on the bed and licking her beautiful apricot eyes. Suddenly, it looked at the pink and white quilt, and rolled it on it. I didn’t expect it to be wrapped up in the quilt, but in this way, it seemed to be interested, wrapped in a quilt. Jumping on the bed, making the bed “giggle” rang, and rolling from time to time. However, it was not enough to play, but also picked up a group of wool, biting while rolling, but also clawed and touched the mouth, and raised four thick and short feet, sprinkled pee on the bed, keep on The sheets are on the floor. At this time, it was like a fairy, and it began to pick up the foam board.

But – what is the taste? Rusna.Duck temporary tattoos

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