Pig asking for directions

Pig Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals N1770

Pig Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals N1770

One day, the weather is fine, and the piglet goes to help her mother buy food. However, just after walking to the crossroads, the piglet lost his way, and the piglet was anxious to scratch his head. It thought: What can I do?Pig wall murals

At this time, Xiong Bobo came to the pig. The pig thinks: Bear uncle must know how the store is going. So, it shouted: “Hey, how come to the store? Do you know?” Xiong Bobo saw the pig so rude, asked the pig angrily: “Little pig, you are so rude, lack of tutoring Let’s go.” Xiong Bobo did not go back. The pig listened and slammed his feet angrily.

The tortoise grandfather slowly climbed up, and the piglet was surprised to think: the tortoise grandfather’s family lived here, and he must know the nearby shops. So, the pig said: “The old turtle, how do you go to the store?” The tortoise grandfather glanced at it, ignored the piglet, and walked angrily.Pig wall decals

The piglet scratched his head and thought: Why did the bear uncle and the old turtle ignore me? It suddenly thought of a sentence that Xiong Bobo taught him. He said to himself: “It turned out that I was rude.”

The little turtle regretted it. Since then, it has changed bad habits and become a good boy who is polite.

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