Small hedgehog selling candied haw

Hedgehog Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Hedgehog Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

The little hedgehog’s mother was seriously ill, and there was no money at home. The little hedgehog had to take a basket of hawthorn from his hawthorn tree, wrapped in sugar, and sold to the market.Hedgehog fake tattoos

When I arrived at the market, the little hedgehog yelled: “The sour and sweet candied fruit gourd, ten yuan a dollar!” The little hedgehog shouted the scorpion, and the mouth was soaking, that is, no one came to buy it. Suddenly, an old fox jumped out of the bush and saw the chubby hedgehog, drooling, and said, “Little brother, what are you doing here?” The little thorns panicked, but it calmed down at once. Said: “My mother is ill, I have no money, I have to sell sugar gourd, but I can’t sell it, what should I do?” The fox thought about it, and his eyes turned to the heart and said to the little hedgehog: “The reason I can’t sell it because you didn’t sell it in a string.” The little hedgehog said, “I don’t have a bamboo stick!” said the fox. “Isn’t the thorn on your body a bamboo stick?” The fox helped the hedgehog regardless of the three seven twenty-one. Pull up the thorns. Soon the thorns on the hedgehog were pulled out. I didn’t expect that the candied haws were just bunched up, and the small hedgehog was wrapped up in three layers and three layers, but after a while, his candied haws were robbed.Hedgehog temporary tattoos

The fox suddenly showed his face and swooped toward the little hedgehog. Fortunately, a hound appeared in this critical moment. It snorted at the fox and the fox was scared away and the hedgehog was saved. It said to the hound dog: “Thank you! I will never listen to the fox’s words again!”

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