Little Red Riding Hood

Horse Logo Iron On Transfer

Horse Logo Iron On Transfer

One day, Little Red Riding Hood found a new store on the street. The trademark on the door was a bitten apple. When she was about to go in, she was brought back home by her mother: “Little Red Riding Hood, mother has to rush to go to work, my grandmother is ill, you will send the wine and cake to Grandma. Hey, give you one hundred yuan, solve it for lunch. !”Horse iron ons

Little Red Riding Hood licked the money and went out. Walking, she came to the newly opened store: “I am so hungry, this big red apple was bitten… Is it a restaurant?!” Little Red Riding Hood walked in with excitement.

When I saw it inside, there were a lot of square things in the shop window, some big and some small. The owner greeted: “Little Red Riding Hood, you are the first customer to visit our store. The most expensive one is only 0.05 thousand yuan, which is 50 yuan! Don’t be white!” Little Red Riding Hood did not hesitate to buy it. The most expensive, after paying all the “fees”, she only had 20 yuan to eat lunch.

At this time, the wolf passed the street and thought it was a restaurant. Then he walked in and found that there was a little girl with fine skin and tender meat. Look carefully, hey, it turned out to be Little Red Riding Hood!

The wolf thought: “Hey, Little Red Riding Hood definitely doesn’t recognize me. She still has wine and cake in her hand. It’s really ‘three arrows and three carvings!’

Who knows, Little Red Riding Hood connected to the mobile phone network, saw the mobile phone broke, jumped out of a big gray wolf’s head, touched the screen and clicked to view: the article wrote about the bad things that the wolf did, and also reminded everyone: “If you want Continue to swear, please log on to the “Wolf Website” to report, we will send plain clothes (hunters) to protect you at any time!”Horse iron on transfers

Seeing this, Little Red Riding Hood heard someone say hello to her, then turned and went to see, she was frightened, it turned out that this person is a wolf!

However, Little Red Riding Hood quickly calmed down and wondered: I had to take him first and then help the “wolf site.” She pretended to be nothing, saying, “Hello, uncle, where are you going? I am going to visit my grandmother in the woods. She is sick today. Are we on the way?”

The wolf’s eyes dripped straight and turned: Ha, another grandma, this upgraded to “one arrow and four carvings”!

So, the wolf was too busy to say: “Oh, drop the way. How do you only bring wine and cake to visit Grandma! There is a small forest in front, where the flowers are blooming, are you going to pick some grandma?”

When the wolf finished, he took a shortcut and first swallowed the grandmother on the bed. Then he hid in bed and waited for the “very delicious” Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood saw the wolf go far away and immediately reported to the wolf website. The two hunters arrived within three minutes. She explained the situation to the two hunters, and under the secret protection of the hunter, opened the door of the grandmother’s house.

The hunters immediately took the gun and fired a “cough cough” on the wolf. After a while, the wolf kept coughing hard and coughed up the grandmother, and the grandmother was saved.

Afterwards, when everyone saw Little Red Riding Hood, they boasted that she was a “wolf hero.” Little Red Riding Hood always said modestly: “Not me, not me, it is a mobile phone!”

Since then, the mobile phone has entered thousands of households.

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