Proud bunny

Rabbit Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Rabbit Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

There is a proud bunny in the forest, saying that he can do anything. Ducklings, puppies and kittens don’t believe it, they are required to compete with the bunny. The little rabbit listened, thinking indifferently: you are waiting for it!Rabbit fake tattoo Stickers

The first game started, and the duckling said, “I want to swim with you.” Then they came to the pool. The game started, the bunny “fluttered” and jumped into the water, and the water drowned into the rabbit’s neck. It was terrified, and when he shouted “Help”, he struggled desperately. Now, the rabbit thought: I will not drown in the water. The more he thought, the more he was afraid, the more he waved his hand, and he finally climbed ashore. I saw the duckling jumped into the water and swayed into the water. The rabbit is dumbfounded. In the first game, the bunny lost.

The second game started again. The dog and the kitten said to the bunny: “We are going to race with you.” They came to the venue, the duckling was the referee, and it said: “The game begins!” Blowing the whistle, small The rabbit, the puppy and the kitten flew like a string of arrows. The rabbit thought: I will win this time! So, the rabbit tries to run forward. Suddenly, it saw a bunch of radishes next to it, and the sputum of the sputum had to flow out. The bunny just wanted to stop and thought: Can’t lose! Didn’t I have said it to myself? Can’t lose! Run fast stand up. It ran and ran, it finally surpassed the kittens and puppies, ran to the end and won the game.Rabbit temporary tattoos

After the game, the rabbit thought: “The original swimming is my shortcoming. I am not perfect. I must be modest in the future, not arrogant!” Since then, the rabbit has changed the pride of the bad. Habit, turned into a cute rabbit!

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