Cat who wants to become a tiger

Cat Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Cat Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

There is a cat who always wants to become a tiger because there are many cats who bully it. It believes that as long as it becomes the king of beasts, no cat can bully it.Cat fake tattoo Stickers

It thinks: It is not easy to become a tiger. Just draw a tiger’s pattern on yourself and it’s not good. So, it was made into a human, wearing a white coat, wearing a mask, and then wearing black shoes, went to the streets. It went to the human paint shop first, and the boss didn’t pay attention. He quickly sneaked a bucket of paint and ran out. The boss turned around and saw a “person” stealing paint. He called the staff to catch the “person”. The cat turned back. Look, see some people are chasing it! Scared to hurry into the trash can, making the whole body stinky, this has escaped people’s claws. The cat was so hard to steal paint from humans. Next, he had to paint all the paint and become the king of the beasts. The kitten carefully applied the paint to his body. At this time, suddenly a wolf came, the kitten looked at the situation is wrong, I want to escape, suddenly thought: now I am a tiger, still afraid of a little wolf? It went to the wolf, wolf see It wants to escape. The wolf said: “I am going to give you a pot of water.” The wolf called the water, let the cat wash and wash, the cat is feeling too hot, once washed, it shows the face of the original cat, the cat knows that it has been worn Then, I quickly ran away.

The cat thinks that there is still a way to use it. Go to the place where the hunter is hunting to see if there is a tiger skin. When the hunter sees it, he wants to use a gun. When the kitten sees it, he flees.Cat temporary tattoos

The kitten thinks: It seems that it is still a happy cat, catching fish and catching mice every day, or a good helper for humans! From then on, the kitten no longer wants to be a tiger.

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