Barracuda catching mice

Mouse Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals

Mouse Logo Wall Sticker Window Decals

Once upon a time, a chubby pike was lived in a lush pond, and its friend, the little cat, lived by the pond. The relationship between them can be intimate!

On this day, the pike is full and nothing to do. It pulled the water grass and shook the float, feeling that the days were too boring.Mouse wall decals

The little cat who lived next to the pond just ate some rat meat and went to the pond to drink water. The pike slouched to say to it: “Hey, cat brother, rat meat is not good?”

The little cat smiled and said, “Of course it is delicious!”

The pike cleared the scorpion and said seriously: “You don’t mean that the rat meat is delicious, then I will go to the granary with you tonight, let me catch a few mice to taste!”

When the little cat heard it, he was happy. He said, “Don’t be kidding, can you leave the water to catch the mouse? Don’t join in the fun!”Mouse wall stickers

The pike must go, soft and hard, and the little cat has to promise it.

In the evening, the little cat and the pike entered the granary, the barracuda found a place to hide, and the little cat first went to catch the mouse.

This night, the little cat got a big harvest. Several mice that had stolen food were swallowed by it, but it didn’t see the fish. It hurried to find. When it found the pike, it couldn’t help but be shocked! The poor friend didn’t do it quickly, he was so hungry, and even worse, his friend’s tail was also taken away by the mouse. The pike fish shed tears and couldn’t speak, looking at the little cat pitifully.

The little cat quickly rushed his friend back to the pond. I saw that the pike had turned a lot of white eyes in the water, and it took a little while to recover a little strength, and the breathing was smoother. The little cat said to the pike: “Is it late for this time? To learn the lesson, don’t be reluctant! The fish wants to catch the mouse and will only lose their lives.”

The pike fell into the tears of remorse.

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