Monkey growth

Monkey Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

Monkey Logo Temporary Tattoos Stickers

In the dense forest, there is a small monkey family living in a happy and happy life.

The little monkey grew up slowly. The mother of the monkey thought: “I am aging all day long. I can’t take care of the little monkey forever. From now on, how should I enhance its viability?” Monkey mother pondered.Monkey fake tattoo Stickers

The next day, the monkey mother called the little monkey to her side and said, “Children, you have grown up, you should live independently, you can no longer be sheltered by others. Today, you have to go deep into the forest to collect food and exercise. “The little monkey said joyfully: “I know, I have grown up, I should have learned to take care of myself.” After that, the little monkey took up his backpack and jumped to the depths of the big forest.

The little monkey walked in the depths of the big forest for a long time. There are beautiful scenery and lovely birds. Suddenly the little monkey saw a banana tree full of fragrant bananas. It wanted to climb up and pick it up. “Wait a minute. I am still a safe point for the roots, so I am not afraid to fall down.”Monkey temporary tattoos

After the preparation, the little monkey climbed to the tree and successfully picked up the yellow banana. The monkey thought: “Fortunately, my mother usually asks me to do everything carefully. It is really dangerous to see what hidden dangers are. My mother’s words are really correct! Today’s harvest is not small, so that my mother can have a good meal. Let me take care of my mother later!”

The little monkey happily picked up the banana and embarked on the way home…

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